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My name is Melissa, I’m a graphic designer and illustrator and I’m still learning how to slow down. Life, as I knew it, changed when I became burnt out from years of work at high-profile magazines. After moving to Kiama from inner-west Sydney in 2019, I discovered the health and well-being benefits of being in nature through daily outdoor adventures exploring my new neighbourhood. On any given outing, nature never fails to amaze me, and I want to share my experiences and encourage others to let nature take over and explore what’s in their own backyard. Kiama Passport for kids is the result of my experiences and the launch project of Rewilding Life - my new found mission. 


Rewilding Life is about letting nature take over. It’s little books, guides and maps that give us a nudge to step outside, no matter where we live, and explore our immediate surroundings. It’s about slowing down and opening our senses to notice the little things we ordinarily step over or walk past on any given day. 

Simply putting one foot in front of the other will help shed any cluttered thoughts and provide an opportunity to feel freedom, tranquility and joy at witnessing awe-inspiring, magnificent nature and with it, an acknowledgment of our place in the ecosystem.

Rewilding Life is the baby sister of King Street Press, a custom graphic design and publishing business. We are proudly independent and have a passion for local projects, created for the curious, that offer information and experiences that connect us to nature, community and ourselves. 

Enjoy your adventures and have fun!