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Based on concepts in my art-based nature books, Rewilding Life: Draw and Explore community walks encourage discovery, mindfulness, connection, and creativity. We explore the local environment and draw what we find, learning techniques and creating art.


Draw and Explore is an experience I designed with the assistance of a CASP grant from South Coast Arts and Create NSW to offer a break from our busy lives and minds, providing simple ideas to help de-stress and connect people with themselves, others, and nature to feel better.


It’s an in-person, fun event that uses drawing as a tool for observation and mindfulness to connect with ourselves, others, and nature.


The experience caters to people of all ages and abilities and is designed to be low-pressure, with talking and sharing an invitation, not an expectation.


The interest and feedback from the trial event were overwhelming and positive. The common theme from the mixed demographic group (ranging from 4 to 80 years old) was that they enjoyed spending quiet time in nature and felt peaceful and calm afterward. Everyone loved the experience and wanted to come again.

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